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Neutral Cellulase Enzyme Liquid DHK97635

Neutral Cellulase Enzyme Liquid DHK97635

Product Details

Product description

Neutral cellulase DHK97635 is a highly concentrated neutral cellulase liquid product manufactured by the controlled liquid submerged fermentation and advanced post treatment process. The product is suitable for the biopolishing process for cotton, cotton/polyester blends, ramie cotton fabrics, garments etc and denim washing.


--to improve the surface of the fabric finish, clear texture and pattern, greatly reduce the pilling rate,

improve the hand feeling.

--can be used under neutral conditions to bio-polishing the cellulase leisure garment, the fabric strength loss is small and the color retention is good.

--use in printing factory for the cotton knitted fabric polishing and deoxidize, polishing and dyeing one bath process, the pH value is wide, the fabric strength loss is small.

--used for denim washing, quickly removing indigo and the color is clear, stereoscopic impression is good, back-staining effection is good.

--pH value is wide. In pH 5.5-7.5, the activity can be kept above 80%.

--Under the temperature of 55°C, the activity is most high; under the temperature of 40°C-65°C, the activity is above 70%, it is a wide range temperature value neutral enzyme.

Technical Index

Appearance: dark yellowish liquid

Density: 1.1±0.1g/ml

pH: 4.0~5.0

Compatibility: it’s good compatible with buffer, wetting agent and non-ionic surfactant.

(Note: suggest to do compatibility test with the textile agent to make sure the enzyme best effection)


Equipment: Overflow dyeing machine/jet dyeing machine, industrial washing machine

Dosage: 0.05-0.3% O.W.F (according to the fabrics and treatment process)

Ph: 5.5~7.5

Temperature: 30°C ~60°C, best temperature: 55°C ~60°C

Time: 20-90 min


After treatment, adjust the pH to 9-9.5 with Sodium Carbonate and raise temperature to 80℃ for at least 20 mins. Wash the treated material twice and then go the next process step.


standard package of 30 kg plastic barrel.

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