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Product Details

DHK98001 is a concentrated liquid acid cellulase product manufactured using controlled liquid submerged fermentation and advanced down-stream processing.  It is effective in the bio-polishing of cellulosic fabrics in the dyeing industry, as well as enzyme washing in garment laundering industry. The product can be used directly or diluted as necessary.


--Wide pH range from pH 4.0~5.5
--Better thermostability with maintained performance at temperatures as high as 60°C and as low as 30°C.
--Outstanding performance in the bio-polishing of cellulosic fabrics without reducing fabric integrity.
--High efficiency in denim washing (e.g. erosion) with high contrast and low back-staining

Technical Index

Appearance: brown liquid
Specific gravity: 1.10 ± 0.1
pH: 4.0~5.5


The preferred process conditions:
1. Polishing for knitted dyeing industry
 -Enzyme dose:   0.1-0.5% o.w.f
 - Liquid garment ratio:  <1:10
 - pH:                         4.0~5.0
 - Temperature:         40~60°C
 - Treatment time:     60 min
2. Polishing for common casual fabrics
 -Enzyme dose:           0.1-0.5% o.w.f
 - pH:                           4.0~5.5
 - Temperature:           40~60°C
 - Treatment time:       40~50 min
3. Polishing for casual fabrics with high color and fiber strength retention
 -Enzyme dosag:         0.3-1.5% o.w.f
 - pH:                           4.0~5.5
 - Temperature:           40~50°C
 - Treatment time:       10~60 min

4. Denim washing
  -Enzyme dose:          0.1-0.5% o.w.f
  - pH:                         4.0~5.5
  - Temperature:         40~50°C
 - Treatment time:      40~50 min   


Dilution formulation
DHK98001: X% (according to application),
Sorbitol: 5~25%
Sodium benzoate: 0.2%
Add water to 100%.
Dilution protocol
Mix sorbitol and sodium benzoate into water, then add DHK98001.
The formulation does not contain a buffer system, because DHK98001 itself contains buffer system and can be used at a wide range of pH values;
Strictly in accordance with the order to add raw materials;
Using sodium chloride to adjust the specific gravity;
Sorbitol improves the biopolishing performance of  DHK98001. Thus, increase the amount of sorbitol amount as needed.


a:  using Sodium Carbonate to make the solution pH up to 9.0 or increase temperature up to 80℃, at least keep 10min; washing the fabrics two times, then you can process to the next step.

b:  to treat with bleaching


standard package of 30 kg plastic barrel.


The product should be kept in cool, dark and dry place with temperature below 25°C without direct sunlight. When stored as suggested and in the original container, product can be considered full strength for up to 6 months.

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