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Neutral Cellulase Enzyme DHK97800

Neutral Cellulase Enzyme DHK97800

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DHK97800 Low Temperature Neutral Cellulase Powder

DHK 97800 is a pre-formulated ready to use low temperature neutral cellulase powder which can effectively be used for denim stone wash finishing.

It is a special blend of cellulase enzymes, buffering agent and powerful surfactant system which minimizes re-deposition on denim. It is designed for use either alone or with pumice stone to give maximum abrasion with minimum damage during the treatment of denim garments, and reduce environmental pollution.






-- Provides high contrast finishing with negligible backstaining on Indigo denim garments.

-- Low temperature saves energy cost compared to high temperature products. 

-- Ensures salt and pepper effect with grayish indigo cast

-- Back staining is minimal compared to conventional neutral cellulase

-- High level of surface modifications can be achieved with e.g. pumice stones, which reduce machine wear and tear and fabric damages.

-- Gives excellent puckering and more grains.

-- Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable



Chemical Characteristic



Bacterial Cellulase



Technical Data

Appearance: Yellow to white powder

CAS No: 9012-54-8

Dissolving procedure: dilute with 35-60° C



PH Value: 5.5-7.0

Temperature: 35-60° C

Dosage: 0.5-2%

Final conditions will vary according to fabric type, conditions, as well as customer style preference.

Dosage Recommendation


It is recommended that optimal dosage be defined by experimenting to obtain the desired effects. Customer’s desired effects varies by company so our listed dosage should be used as reference only.



Non Ionic wetting agents, non-ionic surfactants, dispersants, buffering salts, and pumice stones is compatible with DHK97800, but positive testing is recommended prior to all formulations and applications.



Inactivation must be carried out after treatment. Either alkaline rinse by raising pH to > 10 for 10 minutes or the use of bleaching agents will terminate the enzyme reaction.


below with optimum temperature at 15°C. Products stored in sealed container at recommended level will maintain 90% activity for at least 6 months. Prolonged storage at temperatures above 30°C should be avoided.

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