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Dyeing/Printing Agents
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Main content:  Cationic polymeric compound


Appearance:  light yellow viscous liquid

Solid:   60±0.5%   50±0.5%  40±0.5%

PH (1%water solution):   2~ 5                         

Water-solubility:   easy to dissolve in cold water


·Farther improve the effect of color fixation with the reactive grouping in the molecule

·Improve the dyeing of sulphur dyes and reactive dyes.

·Without and even unable to release free formaldehyde. According with the requests of the environment protection

·Excellently improve the wet-and washing fastness, especially used in 60℃ min washing fastness


·Technological parameter

Dosage of fixing agent:     2% ~ 7% (o. w. f ) (depends on the color)

Temperature of fixation:    50 ~ 70℃

Time:                   15 ~ 20 min

·Technological flow: dyeing → watering (→ soap boiling → watering) → fixation → watering → machining 


① before fixation, washing the costuming inside out with the clean water, lest the leftover should influence on the effect of the color fixation

② after fixation, also washing the costuming with clean water, lest should influence on the next working procedure

③ the PH also could influence the color fixation and the color and luster of the fabric, please adjust the PH according the practice

④ the increase of dosage of fixing agent and the up-down of the temperature are good to enhance the color fixation, but too high may be lead to color change

⑤ according to the practice , the plants could rectify technics to reach the best color fixation through the sampling


1. 50kg/125kg /200kg net in plastic drum

2. Keep in dry and airy place. Get out of sunshine. Shelf life: 1 year.

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