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Formaldehyde-free Blue and Green Fixing Agent FIX-DHK159

Formaldehyde-free Blue and Green Fixing Agent FIX-DHK159

Product Details

Formaldehyde-free blue and green fixing agent DHK159 is multi-amine cationic polymer. It can form water-insoluble macromolecular with dyes, thereby improve soaping and rub fastness of fabrics, especially to blue and green dyes. It is applicable to dyeing of reactive and direct dye for cotton, linen, viscose and printing fixing finish.

Characteristics and advantage

◎ Has no free formaldehyde or combined formaldehyde, meeting environmental


◎ Can obviously improve wash and rub fastness of fabrics after fixation.

◎ Outstanding soak fastness in boiling water.

◎ Particularly prominent color fixing ability to blue and green dyes.

◎ Has no effect on brightness of dyed fabrics, basically no effect on color shade.

Basic property

Appearance:   yellowish to yellow brown liquid

Ionicity:   cationic

pH value:   5.0-7.0 (1% aqueous solution)

Solubility:    can be diluted with water by any ratio

Application field

Used for dyeing and printing of reactive, direct, sulfur of cotton, linen and viscose.

Application process

◎ Exhaustion:  DHK159:       0.5-1.5% (o.w.f)

              Liquor ratio:     1:10-1:20

              pH value:       5.0-7.0

              40-60℃ X 20-30 minutes.

◎ Padding DHK159:           5-15g/L


The dosage of DHK159 can be changed according to deep color or light color. The dosage may be increased for deep color and reduced for light color. 

The affects on color shade should be tested before mass production.


Generally, it can’t be used with anionic auxiliaries in one bath.

Because of its high-molecular compound property, the low-concentrated products would precipitate out after long-time storage for its specific gravity. Please stir or filter fully before using.


50kg or 120kg plastic drum.


Can be stored for 12 months under cool and well ventilated condition.

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