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Acid Anti-re-dyeing Fixing Agent FIX-DHK161A

Acid Anti-re-dyeing Fixing Agent FIX-DHK161A

Product Details

Acid anti-re-dyeing fixing agent DHK161A-80% can be used for color fixing after acid dyeing, or used for nylon anti-staining during single bath dyeing process or single bath two step dyeing process of nylon/cellulose blend fabric, it also can be used for leveling and tone in tone dyeing of wool/nylon.

Characteristics and advantage

◎ Can obviously improve soaping and perspiration fastness of fabrics after fixation.

◎ Reduce direct dye staining to nylon during dyeing N/C with direct dye.

◎ Has little effect on color shade and brightness of dye fabrics.

◎ Nylon printed fabrics being pretreated with the product can effectively prevent color overlapping, reduce staining to white ground.

◎ Wool/Nylon blend fabrics after being pretreated with DHK161A, can make dye give similar affinity to nylon and wool.

Technical Data

Appearance:   dark brown to brown viscous liquid

Ionicity:      anionic

pH value:     2.5-4.0 (1% aqueous solution)

Solubility:     can be diluted with water by any ratio

Application field

Fiber: wool, silk, nylon, nylon/cotton, wool/nylon.

Equipment: equipments that can satisfy process request.

Application process

DHK161A is high-concentration, its valid ingredient is 3-5 higher than the same kind product in market, should be diluted with 4-6 part water before using. The product is easy to dilute, you can add it into normal temperature water and stirred evenly and filtrated, diluted product is yellow brown transparent liquid.

Action: Its diluted product’s long-term storage can produce deposition, so it should be freshly prepared when using. If diluted product must be stored a long time, you can regulate pH to 9 with liquid caustic soda.

Application process

Immersion method

Diluted product DHK161A:              2-5% (o.w.f)

           Liquor ratio:              1:10-1:20

            pH value:                    4.0-5.5,  

       Temperature:                  70-80℃, treat time: 20-30minutes.


160kg plastic drum.


Can be stored for 12 months under cool and shady condition.

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