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Dyeing/Printing Agents
Product Details

Main Composition:

Aromatic sulfonic acid condensation compound

Technical Index:

Appearance:                  Brown-red transparent liquid

Ionic character:               Anionic

pH (1% aqueous solution):       2.0-4.0

Effective content (%):     44.0-46.0

Solubility:                    easily soluble in water


1. Acid fixing agent doesn’t need to adjust the PH. No need to add acid at the application, no need to adjust the PH value of fixing bath. The product could be used after diluted by water, shorten the whole fixing process, simple the work.

2. Can remarkably improve wet fastness of nylon, silk, and wool after dyeing or printing, specially fastness to water, fastness to sea water, fastness to wash and fastness to perspiration.

Different fabric has different effect.

3. Good property of anti-staining: Could prevent reactive dyestuff staining to nylon when nylon/cotton dyeing.

4. Compatibility: Could be used together with anionic products. Could be used together with some products. Could not be used together with cationic products.

Application Field:

Suitable for fixing treating of nylon and nylon/cotton, nylon/viscose, silk, wool after acid dyeing or printing, and anti-staining treating of nylon/cotton dyeing.


1. Using as fixing agent: DHK166S         1-4%(o.w.f)

                                          Temperature :  70-80 ℃

                                          Running time:  20-30min

For actual application, the process should be adjusted according to correspondent preliminary tries.

2. Using as anti-staining agent:

a. Pre-treating method: Pre-treating the fabric according to application 1, then dyeing with reactive dyestuff.

b. One bath method: Using together with anti-staining agent, running 5 minutes the add orher agents or dyestuff.

Package & Storage:

50kg in one plastic drum, can be stored for 12 months under room temperature and hermetic condition.

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