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Product Details

Chemical Name:

Sodium Stearyl Lactate (SSL)

A creamy or granular solid that can be dispersed in hot water and soluble in hot grease.

Features and Applications:

With the reinforcement, emulsification, anti-aging, preservation and other effects, used in bread, bread, instant noodles, noodles, dumplings and other products.

1. Enhance the flexibility of the dough, toughness and gas, increase the bread, bread volume, improve the organizational structure.

2. so that the noodles, instant noodles on the surface more smooth, broken rate is low, resistant to boiling, more chewy.

3. Make the biscuit easy to mold, the appearance of neat, clear level, crisp taste.

4. Can interact with amylose, delay and prevent food aging, extend the preservation time.

5. To improve the quality of frozen food, improve the organizational structure, to avoid surface cracking, to prevent the filling leakage.

6. For the milk flavor fermentation milk cream, vegetable oil, ice cream, ice cream, jam, dried fruits and vegetables, decorative candy, wheat flour, wet surface products, fermented surface products, bread, meat enema, water oil fat emulsion products, With special drinks to improve its emulsion stability and application performance.

7. For bread, bread and other special flour, can improve the quality of flour, stable flour quality.

Use and dosage:

1, this product is directly mixed with the composite material used.

2, the product will be added to 6 times the temperature of about 60 ℃, made of paste, and then added to the proportion of the product, the effect is better.

3, according to GB2760 "food additives use standard" provisions.



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