Polyether Amine-PEA used for Metal-Working Fluid


Polyether Amine-PEA used for Metal-Working Fluid

Here we will introduce an experiment on removing carbon deposits from fuel treasure. 

The experiment is a simple simulation of the situation where gasoline accumulates to produce carbon deposits and is processed by fuel treasure. 

Although the effect of PEA fuel treasure cannot be fully quantitatively evaluated, the removal is clearly seen The effect of carbon deposition (see figure below). 

Through this simple experiment, we can clearly see that the effect of PEA in removing carbon deposits is still very .

Polyetheramine, also known as amino-terminated polyether, is derived from polyether polyol through amination reaction. In addition to gasoline cleaners, it can also be used in epoxy resin curing agents, polyureas, anticorrosive coatings, adhesives, etc. The industry has very important applications in the field of new materials. The main production route of polyetheramine is to produce polyether polyol through polymerization and then amination

The amination catalyst has a certain tendency to dehydrogenation, which is conducive to the higher selectivity of the reaction between carbonyl and amine; pass; continuous process of discharging water in time, which is conducive to the shift of the balance to the positive direction and improves the reaction conversion rate and product yield.

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