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Multifunctional Scouring agent PRE-DHK120C

Multifunctional Scouring agent PRE-DHK120C

Product Details

- Scouring agent for textiles.  

-DHK120C is a multifunctional scouring agent powder. Has excellent multifunctional effect for cotton and blended fabric. The fabric has good water absorbency and whiteness after treatment. Suit alkali oxygen pre-treatment process for cotton, polyester-cotton knitted fabric, towel, bobbin, yarn.etc.

Key Features and Typical Benefits:

◆ A multifunctional scouring agent with alkali refined, penetration, chelation and other functions.

◆ Used in one bath alkali and oxygen bleaching treatment, only need to add DHK120C, H2O2, simple to use.

◆ Fabric weight loss rate is low after pretreatment.

◆ COD value of the waste water is lower than the traditional pretreatment process.




Physical form



Light colored powder or granular

pH value(0.1% aqueous solution)



DHK120C is a powdery product, it needs to be diluted by 50℃ warm water according to the ratio 1:20, can be used after completely dissolved. Suitable for batch alkali and oxygen one bath process of cotton, polyester-cotton knitted fabric, towel, bobbin yarn, etc.

1. Pretreatment process for cotton knitted, bobbin yarn, yarn:

DHK120C:    1.5-4g/L

H2O2(100%): 1.5-2.5g/L

Bath ratio:     1:10

Temperature:   98℃

Time:         40-60min

2. Pretreatment process for T/C knitted, bobbin yarn, yarn knitted:

DHK120C:    1-3g/L

H2O2(100%): 1.0-2.0g/L

Bath ratio:     1:10

Temperature:   98℃

Time:      40-60min

3.  Jig dyeing pretreatment process for cotton and its blends:

DHK120C:     1-3%(o.w.f)

H2O2(100%):  1.5-2.5%(o.w.f)

Temperature:   98℃

Run number:    4-6

Operating and safety instructions:

1. Suggest weighing and dilution separately when preparing the solution, then add it to machine.

2. Strongly recommend to use soft water during dilution, if soft water is not available, the stability needs to be tested before making the solution.

3. After dilution, it should not be stored for a long time.

4. To ensure the safety, you should review our Material Safety Data Sheets before using this product under special conditions. Before handling any other products mentioned in the text, you should obtain available product safety information and take necessary steps to ensure safety of use.

Package & Storage: 

Woven bag net 25kg, can be stored for 12 months under room temperature and hermetic condition without exposure to sunlight. To ensure that the product quality is maintained, please check the period of validity of the product, and should be used up before the validity. The container should be tightly sealed when not in use. It should be stored at normal room temperature, preventing prolonged exposure to extreme heat and cold conditions.

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