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Product Details

DHK154B is a compound of several high molecular polymer. It is capable of soaping and neutralization functions, has excellent dispersing and detergency properties, suitable for the neutralization and soaping of fabric dyed by reactive dyes.

Key Features and Typical Benefits

Used for the soaping of fabric dyed by reactive dyes, it has soaping and neutralization functions, can reduce the washing times efficiently, and can reduce energy consumption and wastewater discharge.

Has excellent washing, dispersing and suspension effect for the unfixed dyes, hydrolyzed dyes, alkali and electrolyte, so as to improve the color fastness of textiles.

Has good chelating ability, can improve the water quality, can avoid the white spots and dyeing defects due to water.

Extremely low foam, can prevent the foam spots occurring in the soaping process.




Physical Form



Colorless to yellowish liquid

Solid Content (%)


Flash Point(°C)


Density ( 25°C),g/cm3



DHK154B is easily soluble in water, it can be used directly after dilution. It is suitable for the overflow dyeing, jigger dyeing, cheese dyeing, continuous washing machine and other dyeing or printing equipments.

Dosage of DHK154B:       0.5-2 g/L (batch);     1-3 g/L(continuous)

Bath ratio:               1:10(batch)

Temperature:             90-98 ℃

Time:                   10-20 min(batch)


Detailed process should be adjusted according to preliminary tries.

Operating and safety instructions

1. It has good stability in water, but when the hardness is greater than 300 ppm, recommend testing the dilution stability before making the solution.

2. To ensure safety, you should review our Material Safety Data Sheets before using this product under special conditions. MSDS is available from us.

Package & Storage

Plastic drum net 50 kg, can be stored for 12 months under room temperature and hermetic condition without exposure to sunlight. 

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