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Textile Enzymes
Product Details

Product Introduction
Acid Cellulase DHK97600 is liquid cellulase product, is made by fermentation using technology developed in the United States. The product is widely used for removing fuzz and polishing of fabrics made of cotton, ramie, lyocell, rayon, and their blended fabrics.

Product Property

--The most important feature of the product is that the color retention after treatment.

--It is commonly used to remove fuzz ends of all types of natural cellulosic fabric to achieve the polished effect.

--The product is particularly suitable for treatment during staining process. Fabrics become brighter, better texture, and free of fuzz.

--Reduce hairiness and tendency to pilling, give fabrics very soft and elegant handle.

--DHK97600 can save both the processing time and energy consumption.
Application Conditions
Dosage: 0.5~1.0% (Volume of enzyme /weight of treated fabrics) or adjusted according to specific requirements
Liquid ratio: 5~15
Temperature: 45~55℃
Process time: 20~45 min or adjusted according to specific requirements
Liquid pH: 4.5-5.0, optimum pH range is 4.5-4.8.

If not in the range, adjust pH with acetic acid or sodium acetate. If there is a need to use DHK97600 with other chemicals, their compatibility has to be tested. Upon request, we will provide technical assistance to you.

Application process

1. Knitting dyeing and printing factory fabric polishing

Dosage: 0.5-1% O.W.F, water ratio less than 1: 10, tem 40-60° C, ph: 4-5 time 60min

2. Common leisure fabric polishing

Dosage: 0.5-1% O.W.F, tem 40-60° C, ph: 4-5.5 time: 40-50min

3. High retaining color leisure fabric polishing

Dosage: 1-2.5% O.W.F, tem 40-50° C, ph 4-5.5 time 10-20min

4. Denim fabric washing

Dosage : 0.5-1% O.W.F tem 40-50° C, ph 4-5.5 time 40-50min

A: After treatment, adjust the pH of liquid to 9.0 with Sodium Carbonate and raise temperature to 80℃ for at least 10 min. Wash the treated material twice and then go the next process step.
B: Treat with bleach.


Standard package containers are 30kg, 200kg plastic barrels. We can change package specifications according to customer’s requirement.
The product should be kept in cold, dark and dry environment with temperature below 25℃ without direct sunlight. The product is guaranteed to retain the specified level of activity for 6 months when kept under 25℃ in the original sealed containers.
During operation, please avoid contact of the product with mucous membrane or skin. Please wash the contacted area excessively by running water if accidentally exposed. For detailed safety instructions, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet.

Executive Standard

The product is in full compliance with the Q/JATB 010-2006

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